About Us

Our mission is to provide accurate health history information to both DOT examiners and transportation companies so that they can make better decisions regarding driver health and driver safety.

Road Ready allows you to store and view previous DOT Exams in one central place. The examiner can view all previous exams during the current examination process from any clinic in the United States that uses Road Ready on the Internet.  All you need to start viewing previous exams is a driver signature and access to the Internet.  No remote application software is needed and only an electronic signature pad is necessary to complete transaction.

Road Ready believes that the previous health history record is essential part of the current examination process.   We know that some drivers may experience some level of anxiety during the current examination and may not disclose or simply forget part of there health history.  A driver’s previous exam also allows the examiner to look further into the health history of a driver, providing a more accurate and complete health profile without lengthy delays between clinics or offices.

Road Ready realized the current DOT examination doesn’t necessarily meet the job specific requirements in the transportation industry today.  Under the DOT examination process we include a though customized musculoskeletal examination to identify job specific placement requirements and existing weaknesses and injuries.  We know that existing injuries and musculoskeletal issues will impact your workers compensation claims and expenses.  Our protocol can be an effective tool in reducing workers compensation claims.

Road Ready knows that the more information electronically obtained facilitates the examination process, but is essential piece of a company wellness intervention plan.  Many larger companies are working with insurance companies in setting up wellness programs today.  The medical information collected during the DOT examination process in Road Ready is used to help companies tailor a wellness program that directly benefits the company insurance premiums.