Comprehensive DOT Medical Exam


The Road Ready DOT Medical Examination


 is a more comprehensive evaluation than the traditional medical exam and is designed to identify applicants that have serious pre-existing musculo- skeletal disorders, or who are not physically fit to perform the work duties required of them. 

A Series of Objective Test


A series of objective tests are conducted by members of the DOT medical exam team which have been trained to conduct the Road Ready protocol.  Driver applicants complete the  customized tests to their maximum performance level.  This allows the driver applicant to be only placed in jobs that he or she are physically qualified to safely perform.

Road Ready Customizes


Road Ready customizes each testing program for the individual client to achieve maximum benefits and financial savings.   We are  sensitive to the necessity of doing this program in a timely and cost effective manner, and to not disrupt the driver recruitment and retention programs.  

We offer this program as part of the DOT medical examination process and the legal protection this provides, but also stay within the guidelines of conducting testing to meet EEOC and ADA compliance.