Electronic DOT Medical Exam        Power Point Presentation

Road Ready provides a fully integrated electronic data entry and document storage system that provides an efficient method for monitoring the components of the DOT medical examination.  The web based application allows the medical clinic and the employer to efficiently manage the medical exam records.  The Road Ready software insures that the documents are complete, legible, secure, and easily retrievable.  These features make the system cost effective for all of those involved in the transportation industry.  Following is a brief summary of the benefits of this program.

Complete Physical:  Logic within the system does not allow a medical examiner to certify a driver unless all required components of the DOT medical exam form are completed.


Review Prior Examinations:  medical examiner can search and obtain previous DOT medical examination information, such as previous medical history and conditions, from the database in order to assist in the completion of the current medical exam.



Electronic Exam Form & Electronic Submission of Records:  This solution is paperless, reducing the repetitive copying, or the need to print-scan-store the document in a driver file.   The medical examination documents can be electronically submitted to employers and state agencies through a secure web application.  The electronic submission of information enhances the employer’s ability to effectively manage and audit driver files and obtain medical information for workers’ compensation claim mitigation.


Automated Notification:  The Employer/Driver can be automatically notified of the DOT certificate renewal need prior to expiration.



Reporting & Auditing Providers:  Users of the Road Ready database can generate statistical reports on all components of medical exam information and allow analysis to audit performance and compliance of a clinic and/or a DOT examiner. 


Wellness Intervention:  The system can identify drivers who are in need of wellness intervention or education programs, allowing the driver the opportunity to correct and maintain the requirements to be medically qualified under the federal regulations.


Network Medical Clinics & Improved Communication: 

A network is established throughout all provider clinics via the web based application for the DOT medical exams. Physicians can share exam information and review exams simultaneously, increasing communication between physicians.


System Customization:  The web based application has the ability to add components such as instructions, additional fields, and supplemental tests unique to a particular employer.   A company may elect to impose specific certification or medical guidelines to the DOT examiners.